Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sexy vs Beautiful

The word ‘Sexy’ has been in the public discourse recently as
a Chair Person of some women’s Organization used it to express beauty/preventability
of the women. In her views, addressing a woman as ‘sexy’ is a compliment and
not an offense as it shows a basic trait of the womanhood. Being ‘sexy’ in a manner
is a quality and not a disqualification for the women.
But what about the men. Should not it be a quality for them
either? If sexier young ladies are better than those who are not, the same
logic should apply to their male counterparts too. To extend the logic, if ‘sexy’
is a compliment for the women, the same applies for the men. Therefore, the
word should not and would not be referred especially to the womanhood.
Now, the question arises as to how the word should be used
and in what circumstances it may or may not violate the basic norms of civility.
It is the usage of the word and not the word itself that counts. If a friend
uses the word and addresses the woman as ‘sexy’, there is no harm. On the other
hand, if some unknown youngster uses the same to tease her and to provoke her,
it is an infringement upon the behavior of the user of the term.
There are specific topics which look good on the specified
lines drawn by the social customs and traditions. Those who give the society
more importance than individuality would agree that we should follow the social
practices and should not discuss matters like ‘sex’ openly. Only the authorized
persons should participate in such discourse. Suppose, a five-year-old praises
his/her mom by saying, “Mom, how sexy have you been these days!”
Or the granny in her eighty’s looks at her grandson of
around 14 and comments, “Hi handsome, what a sexy physique you have!”
In the both cases, the persons who are being complimented
would feel themselves in awkward situation and it would be difficult for them
to react. Therefore, my supposition is that the usage of the word and not the
word itself should be considered when one decides upon the correctness of the
word. In the present context, the word ‘sexy’ is harmless. It is just a word
like other countless words. It has been created to be used. Therefore, neither
its meaning nor its usage is at fault. The word becomes objectionable only when
it is used for the wrong reasons. Many of our friends use abusive language; it
is in their habit; they cannot help it. Therefore, we have become used to their
slangs and do not mind the same. On the contrary, if some unknown person uses
the same language against us, we get highly charged and more often than not
begin to respond in the same abusive tongue which we think highly uncivilized.
The word ‘sexy’, therefore, should not be used during a
formal session. Neither can it be accepted as a compliment to a woman if
someone wishes to take liberty with her basic dignity. In the friendly environment
the word may be used. Nobody is going to object to it. In their heart, the women
would love to listen to the word if the speaker is the person whom they like to
the least possible quantity.